“Maintaining the structure and order of the body necessitates the complete, constant and abundant maintenance of energy at all levels.”

“resistance is an energetic act, our job is to generate and focus that energy to bring forward a structure that will buffer against entropy.”

“The wolves that died of starvation were no delicacy”

“For the sole thing of which any person can be deprived is the present; since this is all they own, and nobody can lose what is not theirs. “

“The one that makes the tea for the one that makes the coffee.”

“Even iron bends in the fire”


“In the early ages of the world, we know, it was believed that each territory was inhabited and ruled by its own divinities, so that a man could cross the bordering heights and be out of the reach of his native gods, whose presence was confined to the streams and the groves and the hills among which he had lived from his birth.”

“The windows in the temple ought to be small and high, so that nothing but sky may be seen through them; to the intent that both the priests that are employed in the performance of divine offices, and those that assist upon account of devotion, may not have their minds in any way diverted..... for this reason the Ancients were very often contented without any other aperture besides the doorway.”